Biobased testing now available for every SME EE in Delft!

This voucher program is intended for SMEs (within industrial biotechnology or the "biobased" industry) and specifically for the activities of these companies that contribute to the transition; from a linear industry based on fossil raw materials to a circular industry based on biological processes and raw materials.

There are three types of vouchers for which an application can be submitted: a location voucher, a growth voucher and a pilot voucher. It is important to know that as an SME you are eligible for a maximum of once for each type of voucher (ie a maximum of three vouchers) during the term of the scheme.

The location voucher is used by Planet B.io or Bioprocess Pilot Facility for SMEs that need a location for the growth of a biobased business case, ideally in a field lab / innovative ecosystem, where it itself makes use of the facilities offered. Consider here 1) payment of the rent; 2) installation in an office; 3) installation in a laboratory (installing specific equipment for the company, or purchasing specific equipment needed for the work). With this voucher, SMEs can establish themselves at Planet B.io or the Bioprocess Pilot Facility. That is an obligation for the location voucher.

The growth voucher is used by Planet B.io or Bioprocess Pilot Facility for SMEs that receive support for this in a study to grow a biobased business case.

The pilot voucher is used by Bioprocess Pilot Facility for SMEs that want to scale up a new biobased business case to a pilot scale and therefore need the facilities of Bioprocess Pilot Facility.

Further specifications of the different vouchers are further explained in the regulation.

This incentive plan for the Biobased Industry is open to applications at the end of January 2020. This scheme falls under priority axis 1 of the operational program Opportunities for West II 2014-2020: strengthening research, technological development and innovation. An amount of € 451,750 in ERDF resources is available.